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Wayne Bowen is an artist who, since the eighties, has studied to capture life in the form of realism. Much of his work contrasts the stylistic and conceptual art forms of the eighties. His form of realism exemplifies itself in oils, watercolors, pen and ink, and pastels. While the artist appears to employ a basic academic approach, upon closer observation the colors and detail captivate and tell a story of their own. His colors are seductively light and soft, demanding attention and opinion. His meticulous approach to detail cannot be overlooked. It creates the backdrop for his life-like expressions. Mr. Bowen's work is backed by organizations such as The National Foundation for the Advancement in the Arts and the School of Visual Arts Alumni Society. Many investors consider his work uniquely collectible.

Studied With

Marshall Arisman (SVA), 1984

Max Ginsburg (SVA), 1980-1985

Irwin Greenberg (A&D), 1980-1983

Irvin Docktor (A&D), 1980-1983

Steve Assel (SVA), 1985


BFA, School of Visual Arts, New York, N.Y. 1987
The Art Students League of New York, N.Y. 1983

Exhibits His work has been exhibited at various galleries and institutions including:

Kenny Gallery

Society of Illustrators

School of Visual Arts
  Graphic Artist Gallery

Bread and Roses Gallery

Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art

National Foundation For the Advancement in the Arts award for excellence
New York Lung Association award for poster design
Four year scholarship award, School of Visual Arts
Graphic Art Society award for achievement

The Artist works out of his studio located in Westchester, New York. He currently freelances and attributes most of his recent notoriety to private collectors.


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